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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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ought to speak against all use of the senses. In
India, for instance, there are cases where people
deliberately destroy the outer senses, (blind them-
selves, for example,) because they say the outer
senses, whether physical or astral senses, only serve to
bring you more closely into touch with the matter
from which they are trying to escape. Now at least
that is a logical point of view to take. I do not agree
with it in the least. I say most distinctly that people
should be healthy on all planes and should use all the
senses they possess on those planes, and not cast them
aside to be atrophied. But people who object to the
use of clairvoyance and say it is better not to have
anything to do with it ought also to reject the evi-
dence of the physical senses if they wish to be logical.
They say, and remember that is quite true, that the
astral senses very often deceive people. In the
beginning, those who are unused to them are often
misled, but they forget that exactly the same thing is
true on the physical plane. That is what they do
not seem to realise. They say : " Anything that you
get by your astral senses may be all wrong. Anything
that you get by your physical senses must be quite
accurate." In a whole host of ways your reason is
^11 the time helping to correct the impressions of your
senses. Why, every morning, if you are z?p in time,
you see the sun rise. You know perfectly well it
does not really rise, and yet you see it doing it. It is
not rising; you know that it is resting, or moving, in